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Why we recommend a theme

We came across a great article this morning explaining commercial themes. What are commercial themes? Themes are websites that have been coded and designed for you. Really the only thing you have to do is fill the site with your companies content. This article by Small Biz Trends quickly explains some advantages and disadvantages to building […]

Structured Data – Customizing Your Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph is Google’s system for organizing information about millions of well-known “entities”: people, places, and organizations in the real world. Google’s algorithms merge information about entities from many data sources. For some types of information, though, the best source of data is the entity itself. Information provided by Google – continue reading more […]

Looking forward to the chamber’s auction.

Just dropped off our auction basket at the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce. SMALL BUSINESS WEB PRESENCE KIT Get organized and formulate a plan for your business on the web! This kit has all you need to begin or grow a presence on the web to capture and serve the web market that is growing and […]

Its been a while… Now it’s time to focus in on Waxahachie.

Well we are finally getting back to RG Design… why were we away? Well… we have been working a few projects that have taken most of our time since we moved to Waxahachine, TX. Snorkels Fish & Corals has been a huge amount of our time! This project has been a lot of fun as we […]

Google’s Small Planet

I have always loved Googles Photosphere but never made a small planet from a photosphere. These two images are my first and I think I got lucky.

Photograph fun of Waxahachie Texas

Since it was founded in 1850, Waxahachie has been an important agricultural, commercial, educational, retail and transportation center in North Texas. Waxahachie grew rapidly in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, mostly due to the prosperous cotton industry. Because of the success of Waxahachie’s early cotton barons, Ellis County quickly became the nation’s largest […]