Why Spend the Money to Upgrade?

We had a client approach us to help improve the load times of their website. They requested that we specifically help with the Google PageSpeed Insights. They were hoping that the site would load faster so the Core Web Vitals would improve in an effort to advance their overall organic search results. After hours of editing page layouts, messing with what is visible on screen, editing the images into new formats, and investigating new host providers we were successful in raising their PageSpeed Insight score by 30+ points!

Through a combination of layout tweaks, image editing, and implementation of a new plugin we were successful!

With this newfound way to increase Google PageSpeed Insights, I wanted to try it on our own site. Take a look at what we did at RG Design to take our PageSpeed Insight score on mobile devices from a 53 +/-  to a 95 +/-.

I want to offer a visual aid that proves that spending some money to upgrade can improve site usability and cause Google to index your site with a better ranking.

Who says site speed matters?

Just about everyone out there who is selling some kind of SEO service. At the time of writing this article, you can find 100’s of posts telling you why site speed matters. I really enjoyed this article from CloudFlare that gives a very broad overview of why your site should be fast. When RG Design builds a website we try very hard to make sure our sites are built to be fast. But sometimes a number of images, videos, and the amount of content slow the sites down.

Do Core Web Vitals Matter?

In short YES! Why? Before you think about how Google thinks of your site, you must understand how people see your site. Yes, your site loads but would it make the visitor happy if your site loaded faster? The obvious answer is – yes. The team over at TrustedSearchMarketing.com did a great job getting into the details of what the Core Web Vitals are.

The RG Design Experiment

Want in on the Action?

We want to share this amazing discovery with the rest of our clients. Starting today, we are ready to give RG Design clients faster loads and improved Google PageSpeed Insights scores. It’s a super simple add-on to your current Monthly Web Services account for a small up charge. If you’re new to RG Design – that’s ok! We can evaluate your existing site and make recommendations from there.